We lead innovation in the coatings industry

Modean Industries specializes in top quality planning and engineering for environmentally-friendly turnkey coating systems. We consult, design and install complete turnkey systems that include washers, dry-off ovens, cure oven systems, quick color-change powder booths, standard powder and liquid booths, as well as specialized UV components. In all, our systems are engineered to meet the exact specifications of our clients!

Our clients say...

  • We went from a three-hour color change to twenty minutes with one operator. Our powder recovery rate is at least 95%, we’re saving $20,000 a month in labor and scrap for reworks, and we’ve reduced our powder usage by about 30%. I wish we would have done this a long time ago!
    Steve Smith, American Products
  • We understand we have the best available equipment in the industry; therefore, we know we produce the best quality finish at the utmost efficiency.
    Spencer McIvor, Hadrian Manufacturing Inc.
  • Our painters really like the new equipment because it is much easier to use than what we had before. We thought headaches came with powder coating, but after installing Gema USA equipment our headaches went away.
    Donnie Keilers, Payne Fence Products
  • Before the upgrade we could offer our customers any color they wanted — as long as it was black. Now we have the fast color change capability to provide a wide variety of colors.
    Kyle Camp, Pioneer Manufacturing, LLC
  • I got much more out of this upgrade than I ever expected — we’re getting 60% more throughput using 40% less powder.
    John Loomis, Temple Products of Indiana, Inc.
  • When your powder costs more than $20 a pound, precise application becomes critical.
    Malcolm Brant, Windsor Metal Finishing
  • The system has been awesome! Our pump inserts last so long that our spare parts expense has been drastically reduced. Filters seem to last forever because the overspray is virtually nothing.
    George Howe, Sternberg Lighting
  • Our new Magic Cylinder powder system gives us the quick color change capability we needed and the financial savings we were looking for.
    Steve DeJong, Profile Powder Coating
  • High transfer efficiency and savings on consumables has really made our new system pay off.
    Cliff Boyer III, Lippert Components
  • The improvement in maintenance is night — and — day, and we’ve eliminated 20 labor hours of overtime a week. We expected a 7 month payback on this project, but hit it in only 5.
    Dan Kastrup, Quest Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Prior to our upgrade to the OptiSystem™ we were producing 2,500 parts per day running ten shifts per week. Now we can produce 4,300 parts per day with only eight shifts — and we’re still improving!
    Christian Rheault, Lightolier/CFI

Coating Systems

Modean Industries has expertise with numerous coating systems: